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Welcome to the 2017-2018 season! 

We are excited about the opportunity to build upon the great foundation that
previous boards before us have set in place. While football is a core component of our mission within the Iron Club, our fundamental task is the education of the whole person through the blending of learning, athletics, service, community, and family. It is with these core elements in mind that our board has planned activities to promote the participation of our entire Crusader community whether your child is directly involved in athletics or not.

So many life lessons are taught through football: discipline, teamwork, and
sportsmanship to name only a few. While nurturing our program and developing life-long memories, we, as a board, invite you to participate so that you too will have a direct impact on our school through the football program. It is with enthusiasm that we welcome your membership into the Iron Club Booster program and as a participant in the many activities that are in the works for this school year.

If you wish to become involved in any way, please always feel free to contact any of us serving on the Iron Club Board. We are always available to answer your questions and listen to your ideas and concerns.

The Iron Club values the impact football has on the player’s social and physical development. The lessons learned and friendships forged through positive experiences will benefit our kids for their entire lives. With your membership, we strive to make the best memories possible for our entire Crusader community. We look forward to seeing you at the games during this exciting year of Crusader athletics!


Your Booster Club Board

Doug Estes – 268-8803 –  President 

Howell Evans – 826-0481 – Vice President 

Vicki Lindsay – 487-8206 – Secretary 

Jeff Ward – 483-6821 – Treasurer 

Brian Morphis- 351-7692

Cammie Evans – 606-7725

Tracy Putnam – 833-1920

Kelly Cromer – 605-1222

Bryan Grissom – 371-7832




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